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Why Use Pomo2Go?

Delicious Food Prepared By One of Salt Lake's Best Chefs

Pomo2Go is a new restaurant operation from Brian Morton & Wendy Caron, the folks that brought you Pomodoro Restaurant back in 1994. Pomo2Go differs from Pomodoro because, like the name implies, all of the food is prepared and then packaged for you to take home. 

How do I use your service?

You can check our website anytime to see what's on the menu for the week. We send a weekly email, usually on Sunday night. The menu often includes a soup, salad, entrée, dessert and a homemade ice cream. Sometimes we might offer an appetizer or some other special addition as well. You read the menu and choose what you would like to pick up or have delivered.

Enjoy Delicious Food In Your Own Home

You love your home. You love the peace and quite of dining in your home. You just don't have enough time to prepare gourmet meals to enjoy at home. Enter Pomo2Go.

Leave The Cooking (and the menu decisions) To Us

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the choices in a restaurant or grocery store? We want to make your busy life easier. We prepare the food and write the menus so you don't have to. No stress from agonizing over menu choices or food preparation. Just heat and eat.

Too Busy To Cook?

Preparing a gourmet meal is very time consuming. Shopping, peeling, sautéing and boiling can take hours and it can be a lot of fun, but sometimes you want a great meal and you don't have enough time to prepare everything yourself. Enter Pomo2Go.

We encourage you to buy an entire meal or just purchase 'pieces' of the meal, so you can quickly get to the fun part - dining. For example, maybe you buy a pint of our Thyme and Mirepoix Scented Baby Lentils and have the wild Coho salmon sent raw, so you can cook it 'ala minute' on the grill. Then you truly have the best of both worlds - a perfectly cooked filet of salmon with a delicious lentil accompaniment. Yummy!

Is This Like Take-Out? 

No, not really. Take out is a last minute decision and the food comes from a restaurant ordered from their regular menu. Pomo2Go is better than take-out because everything is prepared with the idea that you will be heating it up so, for example, pastas are slightly undercooked - so you can still serve them al dente. Each menu item comes with specific heating instructions and if you have purchased the entire menu, the instructions will lead you through the steps of serving a multi-course meal. Pomo2Go adds another tasty option to your weekly dining needs and saves you from the hassle of going out to eat.

Ordering from Pomo2Go takes some foresight because you order your food a day or two in advance, but then you'll be relieved that you have a healthy meal delivered to your door.

Can I Order Extra Food For Dinner Parties?

Yes, of course. In fact, Pomo2Go makes hosting a dinner party much easier. Before Pomo2Go, you were faced with the decision of forgoing the dinner party, cooking everything yourself or ordering take out from one of your favorite restaurants. With Pomo2Go, simply order additional items until you have enough to feed the group. Heat everything and serve the gang family-style. They will love it and your life will be much easier.

Healthy, Low-Fat Food
Once you get used to the convenience of having delicious, home-cooked meals made from mostly organic ingredients with a minimum of salt and fat, you will feel healthier. Enjoy the time you've saved and feel great about the healthy, fresh food you are serving to your family.

'No Sweat' Menu Items
It can be a daunting task hosting a dinner party or simply deciding on what's for dinner tonight. Enter Pomo2Go. By offering a new complete menu every week, you have an amazing amount of weekly dining choices. The choices are:
  • cook dinner
  • dine in a restaurant
  • order take-out
  • order Pomo2Go
  • eat dinner at a friend's
With all of these choices, it should be easy to make a weekly plan for dinner and then relax because one of weekly worries is taken care of. Pomo2Go fits nicely into the overall dining scheme.
Order today!

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