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This is the Powder Blog, where I discuss all things related to staying at a Perfect Powder Homes. Anything that I learn that will help you out on your vacation I'll post here. Feel free to email us with any questions at info@perfectpowderhomes.com. Thanks and Happy Skiing!
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  • 01 Sep 2009 5:53 PM | Anonymous

    Liquidation Sale Up to 90% OFF demo skis.

    Click here for a list of new and demo skis.

    It may be cooling off outside, but it’s heating up at the Endless Winter Sale at Snowbird Sports. Drop in, call or e-mail, but don’t miss out!

    Drop In: Plaza Deck, Level 3, Snowbird Center.
    Email: summersale@snowbird.com
    Call: 801-933-2418

    90% off MSRP 2008 demo skis.
    60-70% off MSRP 2009 demo skis.
    60% off MSRP new skis and bindings.
    50-75% off skis apparel.
    30% off Smith goggles and sunglasses.
    30% off co-branded Dynastar/Snowbird apparel.

    And…check out the $1 bin!

    Current Operating Hours:
    10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    * Please check back here often as operating hours may change.

  • 18 Feb 2009 1:44 AM | Anonymous
    Lunch at Alf's restaurant is normally at 12:30pm.  That's where we meet up when we are skiing separately.

    Bottomless Hot Cocoa $2.75 (with whip cream!)
    Reuben Sandwich $9.00
    Medium Fries: $5.00
    Total: $16.75

    Split it between two people and you have yourself a good ski meal for under $20.

    If you are a vegan, and my best friend is, get the Vegan Chili.  It's not bad.  Their regular chili is pretty good too.  But be warned, you will have an extra boost in your skiing after lunch.  I try not ski behind anyone who's had the chili.

  • 18 Feb 2009 1:32 AM | Anonymous
    I always meet the most interesting people when I go skiing.  So this past weekend, we had awesome snow at Alta.  After doing several morning runs I pulled into ALF's restaurant at the bottom of Sugarloaf for some bottomless hot cocoa.  My fave!

    Shared a table with this super nice couple from Alabama, or was it Atlanta?  Anyways, they were telling me how they went night skiing at Brighton and really enjoyed it.  I have never done it before so I was interested in learning about their experience. 

    The husband actually works in SLC a couple of times a month and decided to fly his wife out for a romantic valentines ski weekend.  Here's what they said about it:

    - Great experience, no lines at all.  No one there.
    - Great visibility, the slopes were very well lit.
    - Great snow fall
    - There were literally no skiers, mostly snowboarders (may be a drawback for some)
    - Super duper cheap at $30 for 5 hours worth of skiing.  They felt that they got more runs in they normally would because there were no lines.
    - If you work locally, you can go right after work 4pm to 9pm.
    - There was a good variety of runs, so not all basic or intermediate.  He claims there's a black???

    They are not advanced skiers and were really using it to get practice and just have fun.  They said they were definitely going back.

    My husband has no interest because he doesn't think there's enough challenging or steep terrain.  But it does sound interesting.  Anyways, if you are there and like night skiing check it out.

    I love that it's cheaper than a half day.  Good for practicing skiing or snowboarding on a budget.  I wonder if they have good hot cocoa...

  • 17 Feb 2009 10:21 PM | Anonymous
    Save up to 70 percent on lift tickets. 

    Find deals around north america on lodging, lift tickets, and shops.

  • 27 Jan 2009 12:10 AM | Anonymous

    I recommend Jetblue and southwest for the best cheap flights to SLC.  I also like that they don't charge you extra money for checking in a bag. 

    Delta and other airlines most recently started charging an extra $15 for each checked in bag, which not only serves to annoy already irritated customers, it totally destroys the on airplane experience.  Ever since this started, everyone has been incented to bring as much luggage on board as possible to avoid paying the extra luggage fee.  Bad call on Delta's behalf.  Travelers are frustrated, and the poor flight attendants are getting frustrated as well trying to accommodate all the luggage on board.  Check each airlines luggage requirement before you go.

    Also, if you don't fly that often remember to pack away your liquids in your checked in luggage not  your carry on.   This happened to a girlfriend of mine and Security told her to throw it away or have it packed away in her luggage.  She had some pricey salon quality shampoo and didn't want to part with it so she had to go back to the airline front desk and have it checked, which they charged her extra for adding another piece of luggage.

    Hopefully, some of this was helpful.

    Bon Voyage!



  • 27 Jan 2009 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    We have Ipod Players in each of the house.  This is a must for me.  When traveling around, it's really nice to be able to play your own music.  It works with your iphone and ipods.   Enjoy!

  • 08 Jan 2009 1:05 AM | Anonymous


    Picture was emailed to me today of a Guest snowboarding at Snowbird. alex snowboarding.JPGAwesome Powder!

  • 04 Jan 2009 5:05 PM | Anonymous

    Hot Chocolate refills are free!  Feeling the recession?  Here's a tip, fill up on all the hot chocolate you can handle. 

    While I was there over the Christmas holiday I had to make my daily homage to the Alf lodge mid mountain.  Truthfully, my legs were killing me, my boots felt way too tight, and I was freezing.  The whining and wimpering was starting to come out and I wasn't a very cheery person to be around so I told my husband and friends that I was going in.  I had a bad spill last season where two doctors were convinced I tore my right ACL so I'm taking my first trip out very very very easy. 

    Thank goodness for hot chocolate.  It's $2.75 and then you get FREE refills.  Actually all hot drinks they give free refills on.  They even let you put as much whip cream on it.  I make my own special version, half hot chocolate and half dark coffee and then a perfect tower of whip cream.  Oh Yeah, perrrfection.  The hard part if finding a seat especially right before lunch.  But when you get your seat, sit back, undo your boot clips, sip your hot chocolate and take in the gorgeous mountain views. 

    Hot Chocoloate is totally synonymous with skiing.  At least for me.  If you have any great photos of your own hot chocolate please send them in.  I would love to post it.










    Okay, the other thing I love about Alta is that they are family friendly.  My little brother, who's not so little, is really just learning to ski as an adult.  Skiing is expensive for young college kids so what he did was take some basic beginner lessons at Alta and then started doing the ski for free after 3pm.  They give you one run for one hour.  I don't think there's any other resort in the area that does that.  He took full advantage of that which saved lots of money.  Now he's advancing to the regular groomed areas but I thought that was really cool of Alta to offer something for free given how expensive the sport is.


  • 29 Dec 2008 10:10 PM | Anonymous
    What's new in this house:

    - New lovely duvet covers for all the of the upstairs bedrooms (king, queen, and twin bedrooms).  I will upload pictures soon.

    - Replacing current air heating system tomorrow morning with a brand new one.

    - Replacing the gas fire place.

    - Fixed an electrical outlet.

    - New guest book in the kitchen.  Please sign it!

    - New area rug in the dining room.

    Note:  When you come make sure you use the Sauna in the basement, it's absolutely perfect for taking the chill off after skiing all day.  My toes and fingers were freezing.  Oh, and bring your spa goodies. 

  • 29 Dec 2008 9:52 PM | Anonymous
    So we have our favorites that we always go to whenever in town like Thai Spice, for the best Thai food in the universe!

    And Porcupine grill and bar, good food, good beers, and easy ambiance.

    But we tried a new restaurant at the recommendation of my best friend's mom who lives there.  It's called Cafe Rio and it's a chain.  It's a chain.  It's a cafeteria / fast food style chain.   That alone typically does not hold a lot of appeal. 

    Terrible of me to be prejudice when it comes to food coming from big corporate chains but rarely do these type of restaurants ever pan out in terms of overall satisfaction.

    When we arrived, it was packed, the line wrapped around a few times and reminded me of a popular ride at Disneyland.   You stand in line and then you order your food from a behind the glass counter person and you tell them all the things you want in your salad, burrito, or taco.   The closest competitor that they have is Chipotle, which is also available here in SLC.

    I ordered a fire roasted chicken salad with their legendary creamy tomatillo sauce.  It was super duper tasty.  Quite pleased.  In fact, we ate there again 2 days later for lunch.  It was even tastier than the first time. 

    Lacks ambiance, but the food is just terrific.

    Try it when you are here, they are all over Salt lake city.  It's not expensive and the portions are very very generous.  You can easily share a salad.

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