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What I love about Alta Resort...bottomless hot chocolate and free ski after 3pm.

04 Jan 2009 5:05 PM | Anonymous

Hot Chocolate refills are free!  Feeling the recession?  Here's a tip, fill up on all the hot chocolate you can handle. 

While I was there over the Christmas holiday I had to make my daily homage to the Alf lodge mid mountain.  Truthfully, my legs were killing me, my boots felt way too tight, and I was freezing.  The whining and wimpering was starting to come out and I wasn't a very cheery person to be around so I told my husband and friends that I was going in.  I had a bad spill last season where two doctors were convinced I tore my right ACL so I'm taking my first trip out very very very easy. 

Thank goodness for hot chocolate.  It's $2.75 and then you get FREE refills.  Actually all hot drinks they give free refills on.  They even let you put as much whip cream on it.  I make my own special version, half hot chocolate and half dark coffee and then a perfect tower of whip cream.  Oh Yeah, perrrfection.  The hard part if finding a seat especially right before lunch.  But when you get your seat, sit back, undo your boot clips, sip your hot chocolate and take in the gorgeous mountain views. 

Hot Chocoloate is totally synonymous with skiing.  At least for me.  If you have any great photos of your own hot chocolate please send them in.  I would love to post it.










Okay, the other thing I love about Alta is that they are family friendly.  My little brother, who's not so little, is really just learning to ski as an adult.  Skiing is expensive for young college kids so what he did was take some basic beginner lessons at Alta and then started doing the ski for free after 3pm.  They give you one run for one hour.  I don't think there's any other resort in the area that does that.  He took full advantage of that which saved lots of money.  Now he's advancing to the regular groomed areas but I thought that was really cool of Alta to offer something for free given how expensive the sport is.



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